Feed screws

The flexible provider

The feeder screws are ideal as a flexible provider for mobile grain screw conveyors or tube belt conveyors. The shunting on feed areas of the following devices is simplified and the unloading process thereby shortened. The light carriage and the rollers on the feed funnel make it easy to swivel the feed screw easily to the trailer, easy conversion is effortless in the handling by a person .

Feed screws are frequently used in tight spaces, e.g. in passages through buildings. In this case, the main conveyor unit is passed and the feed screw swivelled behind the trailer.

In low buildings, in which the tilting of the trailer or truck is not possible, the feed screw can, for instance, be used as a feeder from outside the building.

Feeder screws can also be used as additional flexible intake, as an elevator or for feeding on grain sump.

tl_files/Daten/Bilder/produkte/foerdern/foerderschnecken/zufuehrschnecken/CanAGRO Zufuehrschnecke 02.jpg

Technical details
  • Conveyor length: 3 - 5 m
  • Tube diameter: 200 mm (50 t/h), 250 mm (80 - 100 t/h)
  • Execution: steel or stainless steel
  • Standard design: straight design with feed funnel (1.0 x 0.8 m)
  • Special execution: angled version with feed funnel 3 m (for reverse tilting of a trailer or truck along complete width)
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