Stationary conveyor screws

Stationary and still flexible

For stationary installation, CanAGRO provides screw conveyors from a diameter of 127 mm to 250 mm in varnished steel design or also in stainless steel (1.4301) in full on customer request.

Starting from the production or basic lengths of 3 and 6 m, they can be extended with 1.520 m or 3 m segments.

In the catchment area, the stationary screw conveyors are fitted with a feed basket by default. On customer request, they can, however, also be fitted with steel inlet funnels or feeds (e.g. round or square).

As the screws are made in full at CanAgro, we are happy to consider special customer requests regarding length and design on request.


Technical details
  • Length: 3.30 m to 20 m
  • Power: 15 t to 100 t
  • Diameter: 127 mm to 250 mm
  • Execution: steel, stainless steel
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