Tube belt conveyor as an alternative to the grain screw conveyor?

Stack higher.Careful conveyingLong longevity. Tube belt conveyor have a varied range of applications. 

A conveyor belt running in a tube combines the benefits of screw conveyor and belt conveyor.

  • Long longevity and running power due to few mechanical wear parts. For a conventional belt conveyor, a large number of rollers and ball bearings are used, for a grain screw conveyor the mechanical attrition is greater.
  • The running powers until the belt is worn out amount up to 200,000 tonnes.
  • The belt speed means that the conveyed goods are thrown out about 1-2 m over the output end. As such, the larger dumping height on storage is achieved.
  • With a tube belt conveyor of approx. 13 m, up to 5 m is achieved - by comparison, a mobile CanAGRO screw conveyor of at least 18 m is required for this.
  • With a tube diameter of 250 mm, outputs of up to 120 t/h are possible. 

Tube belt conveyors are supplied in galvanised design or alternatively with a stainless steel tube and can therefore also be used for transporting manure.


Technical details
  • length: 13 m
  • Tube diameter: 250 mm
  • Belt width: 42 cm
  • Power: up to 100 t/h, with a conveyor incline of up to 30°
  • Robust carriage with car tyres
  • Dumping heights: up to 5 m
  • Stainless steel (V2A) or varnished steel
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