Standard auger screws

UHV series

Auger screws with reverse discharge, mechanically flappable

tl_files/Daten/Bilder/produkte/foerdern/Standardueberladeschnecken/UHV/uhv01.jpgFor customers who wish to fill higher seed containers or drawn manure distributers and still prefer the reverse discharge.

Contrary to the DF series, where the closed inlet system means that blocks in the feed are difficult to remove, the benefit of the UHV series is in the 800 mm wide open inlet funnel. This makes it easy to remove blocks and backing-up in the event of cloggy conveyed goods. The basic annexe and the switch between various trailers can be easily achieved. For road transport, the auger screw is additionally secured with a transport protection (rods).  Despite a compact transport position, the auger screws of the UHV series enable a large range



  • Diameter: 170 mm, 200 mm
  • Power: 35 t/h, 50 t/h
  • Length unfolded: approx. 4m, 4.60m  (working position)
  • Length folded: approx.  2.10 m, 2.40m   (transport position)
  • mechanically foldable backwards
  • Execution: entirely stainless steel
  • Inlet funnel with remaining emptying, width 800 mm
  • Height adjustment via winch
  • Hydraulics engine with pull-valve
  • 1 set of installation parts and transport protection
  • 2 x 1.50 m flexible hydraulic hoses with coupling


  • UHV 713
  • UHV 715
  • UHV 815



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